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- Alexiou (Car)-


1. Renter's and driver's age: At least 21 years old.

2. Driver's License: Drivers must have a valid license aged at least 12 months.

3. Terms of payment: The estimated cost of rental is payable on check-out time.

4. Insurance: Rental rates include the following coverates:
a) Death and body injuries of persons not riding in upon the RENT A CAR ALEXIOU.
b) Material damages inficted on property which is not stored in or upon the RENT A CAR ALEXIOU.
c) Collision or fire damages of the RENT A CAR ALEXIOU excluding the first Drs 1.500.000 for car groups A, B, C, D Drs 3.000.000 for car groups E, F, G and Drs 6.000.000 for car group H.

5. Gasoline: Renter pay for gasoline consumed dyring the rental.

6. Deliveries - Collections: To-from clients away from RENT A CAR ALEXIOU offices the following charges apply:
Within cities: Free:
Elsewhere: Drs 80 per Km.

7. One way rentals: The charges of the above paragraph 6 apply.

8. Across the border rentals: Renters wishing to drive the car out of Greece must obtain the advance authorization of RENT A CAR ALEXIOU Greece.

9. Taxes: V.A.T. 18%

10. Shipping of cars: It is only allowed if RENT A CAR ALEXIOU authorises in writing.

11. All the fees and the consequenses are payed by the lodger.





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