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A little Histroy

At the end of 1989 the Ministry of the Civil aviation of the USSR and airline "Deutsche Lufthansa" signed the memorandum of joint venture creation. December 21, 1990 our company received the certificate from the Ministry of external economic ties of the USSR about the registration of joint venture "Airport Moskau". This year the enterprise marks the decade in the status of the joint stock company.

Under the assignment and support of the founders and partners of the airline "Aeroftot - Russian international airlines " and German company "Globe Ground" - enterprise has constructed the modern cargo terminal for a turn-over of the consignment up to 22 thousand tones per year. Our company has built workshops for service of ramp equipment of western production, building of the central office, has conducted the first reconstruction of International sector in the terminal "Sheremetyevo -1".

Our enterprise began its activity with the handling of one "Aeroftot" flight per week from Singapore in 1992, and in 1999 we can make handling of one thousand and five hundreds flights per month. We make handling for the leading airlines of the world, such as: "Aeroftot", "Lufthansa", "British Airways", "Lufthansa Cargo", SAS and also "Latavia", "Croatia Airways", "Adria Airlines", "Estonian Air", "Egypt Air" charter and special flights.
We, 390 employees of JSC "Airport Moskau" from Russia and Germany, are proud of the results we achieved over the past years.

We want to take an advantage of our anniversary as an occasion for our customers, passengers, and all interested persons, to acquaint them, with activity of the enterprise, spectrum of services, which we can represent today, and our plans for the future.


Airport service

Unloading and loading of cargo, including large-sized heavy consignment, and mail.
Carriage of the passengers and crews.
Unloading/loading of the aircraft is the main production 
operation. Even for want of significant loading (about 100 tons) our experts can carry out this operation at the aircraft in an hour, due to this the general time from landing up to departure of an aircraft makes no more than two hours. We have the unique "Load-Master" experts in the enterprise and it allows the airline "Lufthansa Cargo" to execute flights by the reduced crew. The experts training is carried out according to the International standards and with allowance for of specific requests of each attended airlines. It allows to ensure the qualified service of all types, of, aircraft both Russian, and western production.



Cargo storage

Cargo customs center with an area of 8800 sq.m and a capacity of 22000 tons of cargo per a year.
Computerized warehouse management and stock control.
Safe for the valuable consignments.
Refrigerators.Handling of transfer cargo.Packing, marks of the consignments.

In 1992 the German company "Ruterbau" completed the construction of cargo center "Airport Moskau". On 8800 sq. m the high racks for warehousing of the consignments, safe for valuable and refrigerating chambers for the perishable consignments. There is a section for dangerous cargo storage outside warehouse.

The diplomatic consignment and mail are made out separately. We have a special zone, which was agreed with a customs for handling of domestic flights. The packing and marks of the consignments are introduced for convenience of the customers. The warehouse possesses the unique equipment for special carriages handling. For example: once we sent Russian circus to America. Weight of each elephant exceeded 4 tons, and their dimensions have required creation of special containers for safe carriage of animals.

By the way, containers were modified by "Airport Moskau" forces. 

First the warehouse was formed only for import cargo, however, time request, development of "Aeroflot", "British Airways", "Lufthansa" carriages, have forced the enterprise "Airport Moskau" to invest for creation of export cargo zones.

Today export makes already 45 per cents from the general turnover. Volume of transit carriages is increased.


Customs procedure and delivery of the cargo

Sale and booking of cargo carriages.
Customs procedures.
Delivery of the consignment to Moscow and Moscow region Handling of express-cargo.

Booking and sales of international and domestic air carriages. The employees of this service carry out booking both sales of international cargo and domestic carriages of the following airlines: "Aeroflot", "Lufthansa", "British Airways", "SAS", "Lithuanian Airlines", "ELK Airways", "Air Baltic", "Adria Airlines", "Croatia Airways", "Air Malta", "Olympic Airways", broker functions, delivery of the consignment to Moscow and Moscow region and express carriages. The service has the agreements on realization of customs operations and cargo delivery with over one hundred constant customers.


Passenger carriage

Booking and sales of airtickets to flights of Baltic air and Aeroflot. "Airport Moskau" has a cash department in the terminal Sheremetyevo-1 on sale of the air tickets to flights of Baltic airlines and to flights of "Aeroflot" to all directions and also such airlines, as "Pulkovo", "Domodedovo", "Dalavia","Sibere".

In spite of reduction of passenger flights handling, the enterprise saves the qualified experts in passenger handling. They have highest professional training on a specialty, everyone has high education, including language education, they constantly increase the qualification at the Moscow centers and abroad, for example, in Denmark.

Now our company makes handling of Egyptian and Estonian airlines, and also charter flights.
We did not have any complaint from the passengers during 10 years, because our company has a slogan: the passenger's smile is best gratitude!

Considering wide experience of the employees in passenger handling, their skill to solve any problem very fast and qualitatively, connected to the cancellation or delay of a flight, the Estonian airline has given its representation functions to our passenger service.



For the decision of operative production questions in the enterprise round the clock, "Airport Moskau" forms centre of production management. It is brain of the enterprise, where the experts of a hjghest level work, capabl to decide all your

The year 2000 is anniversary for the enterprise "Airport Moskau". This year handling volume will make 20 thousand
tons per year And it is not a limit for us.

The successful negotiations with a number of new airlines wishing to make "Airport Moskau" by the agent on ground handling in Sheremetyevo, install reliance that the services of the enterprise will be called for the future.


Quality at Airport Moskau

AIRPORT MOSKAU as a joint venture of two internationally well known and recognized airlines - Aeroflot Russian Airlines and Lufthansa German Airlines through its subsidiary Globe Ground GmbH - has always put a strong focus on quality. It was the aim of both partners in the joint venture, who as members of IATA and ICAO are committed to international standards, to implement and maintain a high level of quality in all kinds of handling services.

To secure top quality services you need service orientated and highly motivated staff and an efficient quality management system.

Our aim: Top Quality
Our tools: Quality Management System
Our promise: Top Quality

is proud to be the first and so far only handling company in the Russian Federation which has been certified according the international quality standard ISO 9002.

Furthermore we have been certified by IATA to use the official IATA AHS 1000 Program for Benchmarking Service
Delivery Standards, which we already have agreed with our airline clients.


Sales and booking of cargo carriages

JSC "Airport Moskau" is the base agent on handling of cargo carriages of such airlines as Aeroflot, Lufthansa, British Airways, Adria Air etc., and also our company sells cargo carriages on Russia, CIS and the whole world.


A little Histroy
Airport service
Cargo storage
Customs procedure and delivery of the cargo
Passenger carriage
Quality at Airport Moskau
Sales and booking of cargo carriages



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